All Natural Vegetable Liquid Soap for Bath or Shower

Bath & Shower Gel that leaves your Skin soft & Squeaky Clean!

California Rose Garden Shower Gel
California Rose Garden
Shower Gel
French Alpine Lavender Shower Gel
French Alpine Lavender
Shower Gel
Thai Lemongrass Ginger Shower Gel
Thai Lemongrass Ginger
Shower Gel

Bath Petals' all natural bath & shower gel is an organic, luxurious hand-made, liquid vegetable soap, made the old-fashioned way, through a process called saponification, which occurs when oils and alkaline salts meet. Skin-nourishing vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, olive, jojoba, are treated with a natural potassium solution to form a organic liquid soap. A perfect aromatherapy treatment for the home spa, this is the body wash for beautiful, soft, squeaky clean skin. Bath Petals' bath & shower gel is also pH-balanced for mildness and loaded with essential oils for rich, thick, fragrant bubbles.

All products are available in Bath Petals' 8 delicious Essential Oil Scents:

  • Australian Eucalyptus
  • California Rose Garden
  • French Alpine Lavender
  • Greek Honey Mint
  • Sicilian Blood Orange
  • Thai Lemongrass Ginger

Bath Petals exquisite formulas, reminiscent of beauty secrets first discovered by ancient civilizations, are inspired by aromatherapy traditions from around the world. Try Bath Petals today for a pure bathing experience that will transcend your everyday routine! Thanks for the visit and come back often to see new additions to the Bath Petals product line.